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Sole Instructor, Georgia State University Spring 2014 Principles of Microeconomics
Teaching Evaluation: 4.6/5
(Department Average: 4/5; Course Average: 3.7/5)
I had the privilege of teaching a large undergraduate class with students from different backgrounds and enjoyed the challenge of providing the same level of understanding to each of them. I actively encouraged interaction and held group discussions during class. I frequently complemented my lectures with audio and video tools to keep the students engaged. I showed them short video clips ranging from Ted Talks to Disney cartoons to introduce new concepts of economics in a more innovative way than starting with dry definitions. Taking advantage of my experimental economics background, I also ran small classroom experiments to deepen their understanding of core economic concepts.
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Frequent guest lecturer, Georgia State University Fall, 2013 Microeconomic Theory, Intermediate level
Teaching Assistant for Dr.Grace O, Georgia State University Fall, 2011, Spring 2012 Principles of Macroeconomics